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"Blake is such a kind, caring and beguiling lover."


"I met her in Sydney (in between lockdowns), and wow did she exceed my expectations! I really enjoyed our initial chats; her soft melodic voice lulling me into a relaxed sensuous mood. I found her conversation to be highly evocative and she was genuinely interested in what I said. This great start then followed through to the fun stuff with her being so in tune with me and how I felt and what I needed. When someone intuitively responds to you in the present it is so powerful! Blake’s ability to so quickly understand me and match and mirror my mood was sublime. I can’t wait to see her again on her Sydney tour - post lockdown."

- T, August 2021

"Spending time with Blake is always wonderful, filled with delightful conversation, laughter and soft, intimate moments."

"If you enjoy the finer things in life and are looking to find a sliver of calm within the storm, do yourself a favour and spend some time with Blake."

- T, July 2021

"Spending time with Blake is an incredible indulgence."


"Arranging our booking was straight forward and when we met it was like meeting an old flame, such was her welcoming nature.

A great host who somehow smiles with her entire being."


- B, July 2021

"I recently had the opportunity to enjoy some time with Blake and Victoria."

"I was not prepared for their beauty (photos do not do them justice), intelligence and hilarious sense of humour. I was immediately comfortable and had one of the best experiences of my life. Pure indulgence."

"My only regret was not staying longer. Next time it will be an overnight..."

- L, June 2021

"I have been seeing Blake for many years."

"Not one to usually leave reviews, when Blake expressed her comfortability with this, I felt compelled to write about her.

Blake is a unique soul. She is kind, insightful, and lights up the room as soon as she walks in. She appreciates the finer things in life, but without any hint of pretension.

I often find myself lost in our many conversations; her ability to engage with a broad range of topics is a testament to her intelligence and wisdom beyond her years.


She is also extraordinarily funny, with dry humour and wit that I was entirely unprepared for when we first met. Beautiful, charming and fun...what more could you hope for?

Thank you, Blake. I look forward to many more years of your company." 

- J, January 2021

"Blake is a stunning woman physically, and has a great personality to go with it."

"I spent an amazing hour with Blake and Laney, and being pampered by these two gorgeous women was heavenly."

"Blake is a really lovely person, just very kind and gentle, and a delight to be with. I’ll definitely see her again."

- S, February 2019

"Words cannot describe the evening that was..."

"I had an opportunity to spend some time with Blake last Saturday evening and she is by far the most naturally beautiful woman on this website.
We were able to connect, have red wine, talk for a bit, and then just unwind and it turned out to be one of the best evenings I have had in a long time...
You'll be amazed by the soft skin, the hair (fringe), the beautiful bum, the tattoos (Totoro) and even the nose ring.. they all fit together in a seductive little package."

"Thank you for your time, Blake."
"Definitely worth it..."
"Paid for a life experience, not just an evening :)"

"I will book again soon."

- N, June 2018

"My time with Blake was an amazing mix of emotions, ones I often go back to in my mind."


"Intimate yet relaxed. Intense yet playful. Beautiful yet relatable. I’ve never felt so comfortable as I have with Blake. I’m truly looking forward to more time together."

- E, September 2017

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