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Why You Should Experience A Dinner Date With Blake Wilde

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” - Virginia Woolf.

It is well known that good food, fine wine and excellent company are the ultimate aphrodisiacs. The perfect recipe for connection and precursor to intimacy.

Melbourne; a city whose vibrant hospitality industry is its heartbeat. A city of laneway bars and hidden gems. Of world renown institutions, frequently making the World's Top 50 list. What better way to explore than with your very own intimate dining companion? Imagine this...

Together, we select the restaurant. One of us will arrive first, eager, with butterflies in their stomach as they wait for the other to arrive. We spot each other from across the room; both smiling our secret grin of recognition. "It's so lovely to see you - how was your day?" "It was great, though I'm ready for a glass or two of something!".

We laugh in agreement and pour over the wine list. "Are we feeling red, or white? The Beaujolais or Heathcote Shiraz? Or should we simply start with oysters and something bubbly?"

Our hands graze as we reach for our drinks. We shoot knowing glances at each other. I toss my soft, buttery blonde hair over my shoulder and look up at you through thick lashes. You feel calm and comfortable as you begin to tell me about yourself; your day, your life. I listen; attentively, thoughtfully. We can feel our connection build….



You might start to notice extra details; the figure hugging, but not too revealing dress I selected to accentuate my hourglass curves for you. The fullness of my lips and how they laugh when you tell a joke.


As we finish our meal, we decide to walk to your hotel. It's a lovely evening out and Melbourne is beautiful at night. Lit by the neon bar signs, the soft glow of candlelight through restaurant windows and the overhead skyscrapers. It hums with the sound of late night revellers enjoying the city's offerings; just like us.

Conversation keeps flowing as we stroll - we are relaxed and uninhibited. We arrive at your hotel, my heels making their customary sound as we cross the marble floor to reach the elevator. We find our way to your room through the labyrinth of halls. You hold the door open as we slip inside...and the rest I will leave to your imagination.


Dinner dates build connection and connection is the key to true intimacy. They are unrushed, unhurried; the perfect antidote to a fast paced world. They create a space for us to know each other on a deeper level.

They’re a chance to slow down and focus on life's most sensual pleasures; food and sex.

There is a reason so many cultures are defined by their love affair with food. It is always more than a meal; it brings life, it brings passion and it feeds the soul.

The best part of all? The buildup over dinner, the knowing what comes next.

After all, anticipation is half of the seduction.


You can find a list of my Top Five Melbourne Dinner Date Venues here.

It's tempting, isn't it? Get in touch to indulge yourself. You deserve it.
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