The Blake Experience


The best encounters are those that unfold naturally, which is why there is no checklist of services here. Let's enjoy each other uniquely and honestly. 

Between the sheets you will find me deeply sultry, candid and playful.

1 hour: $600

2 hours: $1000

3 hours: $1400

If there is something in particular you would like to know if I offer, please get in touch if you're the curious type.

For Dining Date options and my Nigella Experience packages, please see below.

For Overnights, Multi-Day engagements and Travel Packages, please see here.

Dining Dates

Outside of the bedroom, food is one of my

greatest passions.


My knowledge of Melbourne's culinary institutions is extensive and I will gladly plan our evening or send a list of recommendations for you to peruse upon request.


The Classic, 4hrs: time evenly split


The Decadent, 5hrs: time evenly split 


The Indulgence, 6hrs: time evenly split


If you would like to know my favourite experiences, I enjoy long lunches, fresh seafood, high quality Japanese and Italian classics.

Dining Dates can begin with social time and end with intimacy, or begin with a sensual romp before heading out for replenishment.

The Nigella Experience

To me, preparing and sharing a meal with someone is the ultimate display of my caring and generous spirit.

The Nigella Experience allows time for us to get acquainted over a glass or two of wine, before I prepare our meal, with you as my sous-chef. Then we indulge in our intimate dessert. 

The Classic Nigella (4hrs); time evenly split


The Decadent Nigella (5hrs); time evenly split


The Indulgent Nigella (6hrs); time evenly split


Please see the Culinary section of my Visual Diary to assist your imagination. 

I require a minimum of one weeks notice to secure The Nigella Experience.