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An Introduction


An Introduction

A flirtation, 1 hour: $700

A tease, 2 hours: $1300

A moment, 3 hours: $1900

Additional hours: $500

Prefer a longer tryst? So do I! See below for dinners, overnights and beyond.


Dinner Dates

Outside of the bedroom, food is my greatest passion!


My knowledge of Melbourne's culinary institutions and hidden gems is extensive; I will gladly plan our evening or send a list of recommendations for you to peruse upon request.


 I particularly enjoy long lunches, fresh seafood, high-quality Japanese, French and Italian classics. You can view a list of my top 5 Melbourne dinner date venues here.

For maximum fun and enjoyment, my preference is to enjoy intimacy first, after which heading out for replenishment. The world is our oyster and we don't need to save dessert for last.

The First Date, 4hrs; 


The Indulgence, 6hrs; 


An all-day affair, 8 hours (approx. 10am-6pm or 3pm-11pm); $3000

An all-day affair is perfect for shopping dates, long lunches, spa dates, visiting a gallery, or attending cultural events such as the theatre, ballet and opera. 


Overnights & Longer Dates

Extended dates are where I excel. I love nothing more than creating the most memorable experiences for us to share together. 

We might begin with dinner and drinks at one of Australia's finest establishments before retiring to our hotel suite for a night of hedonism.

Perhaps you would like me to accompany you on your business trip - your secret treat to indulge you at the end of a long day.

You could be dreaming of a tropical escape, complete with cocktails, sunshine and me in my loveliest bathing suit. 

Or maybe you have something else in mind altogether?

Just let me know and let's make it happen.

Breakfast in bed, 15 hours; $4000


Throw away the clock, 24 hours; $5500

Have me for the weekend, 48hrs; $9000

A long weekend, 72hrs; Bespoke, please contact me to discuss

A week of luxury: Bespoke, please contact me to discuss

For Fly Me To You and travel companionship, please see here.

For the intrepid adventurer...
Ready to meet?
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