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An Introduction


An Introduction

1 hour: $800

2 hours: $1400

3 hours: $2000

Additional hours: $600


I recommend 2-3 hours, or a dinner date as the perfect first date to get to know each other.


This allows time for us to chat over a glass or two of something (or a lovely meal out), while things unfurl naturally between us.

For Dining Date options and my Nigella Experience packages, please see below.

For Overnights, Multi-Day engagements and Travel Packages, please see here.

Dining Out

Outside of the bedroom, food is my greatest passion!


My knowledge of Melbourne's culinary institutions and hidden gems is extensive; I will gladly plan our evening or send a list of recommendations for you to peruse upon request.


 I particularly enjoy long lunches, fresh seafood, high-quality Japanese, French and Italian classics.

You can view a list of my top 5 Melbourne dinner date venues here.


The Classic, 4hrs; time evenly split


The Indulgence, 6hrs; time evenly split


The Nigella Experience

To me, preparing and sharing a meal with someone is the ultimate display of my caring and generous spirit.

The Nigella Experience allows time for us to get acquainted over a glass or two of wine, before I prepare our meal, with you as my sous-chef.

Then we indulge in our intimate dessert.​

The Classic Nigella, 4hrs; time evenly split


The Indulgent Nigella, 6hrs; time evenly split


Please see the Culinary section of my Visual Diary to assist your imagination regarding our menu. 

I require a minimum of one week's notice to secure The Nigella Experience.

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