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Victoria Montague

When you envision a worldly duo, picture Victoria and I. ​

Our friendship began over a bottle of Bollinger, providing the perfect metaphor for our bubbly enthusiasm.

Keen conversationalists with relaxed attitudes, we posses the unmatched ability to tease out your energy and truly go with the flow.

Victoria and I know each other inside and out; now it's time for you to join us.

Jia Loren

Jia is the perfect amount of spice to be the life of any party.

Together we are dynamic, passionate and our combined wit ensures there is never a dull moment. 

With her penchant for Japanese whisky and hedonistic attitude, Jia truly knows how to bring out my Wilde side.

Jia and I are available for duos within Australia and internationally.

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Violet Russo

Violet is a natural goddess, with a vibrant and intoxicating energy.

We are the embodiment of lustfulness, all soft curves and deep brown eyes. 

Time with us is nothing short of indulgent. Both warm and nurturing souls, we define the concept of Tender Loving Care.

Let us revive you.

Laney is one of my nearest and dearest, with our close friendship spanning across many years.

From travelling the world to sharing our most intimate secrets, we have had the pleasure of enjoying a vast array of experiences together, both inside and outside of the bedroom.

Our comfortability with each other is apparent and you will instantly feel at ease in our company. 

Laney is a clear communicator, sexually confident and the perfect amount of sweet to my sass.

Laney Day
Marina Lee

Marina has star quality; she is athletic, energetic and a well established Professional Submissive. 

You will find us both eager to please (and tease); we never shy away from a good time. 

Marina excels at active listening and creating a safe space to explore your fantasies.


With her wealth of experience and my wicked streak, you will be in the best and most thrilling of hands.