Blake Wilde

Well, hello there...

How fateful that the stars should align and you’ve found yourself here. 


They say curiosity killed the cat, but I say curiosity leads to great experiences, and isn’t that what life is all about? Taking the time to find joy in simple pleasures, to feel alive and passionate; few things are more satisfying. 


Relationships are like a good scotch and only get better with age, so creating a lasting connection is very important to me— as I’m sure it is you. 


There is no pretence here. We should never take ourselves, or life, too seriously and my down to earth charm is a testament to that. My sense of humour is my most favoured quality and you will find it equal parts dry, sarcastic and cheesy. Trust me, I’m hilarious. 


My interests are varied and enriching - combined with my wit and sass, it leads to sparkling conversation. A creature of comfort with a wicked thirst for adventure, you will find me in any number of places; traipsing through cobblestone streets in Europe, or sunning myself on a tropical coast line. My nose is often buried in a book and my hand often scribbling prose in my notebook. I will be tending to my garden one minute and be off exploring a mist covered forest, or lounging in a five star hotel in another. You can almost always count on me to be surrounded by food; sampling international cuisines, preparing a decadent feast at home or a late night wine and pasta in bed, my culinary love knows no bounds.

With a relaxed sophistication and warm demeanour, I slip easily into any scenario. Your dinner date, your bedroom minx, your discreet travel companion.

I invite you to have it all. 

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