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To Paint a Picture

Age: 31

Eyes: Dark brown and full of mystery.

Skin: Olive, with a natural golden glow.

Hair: Soft, buttery blonde. For most recent images, please see my Current Collection.

Dress size: A perfect hourglass 10.

Tattoos: Tasteful, intriguing and easily covered upon request. I wonder if you can discover them all?

Presence: Vivacious and well spoken with a grounded energy.

Style: Classically Melbourne; refined with a twist.

Authenticity is hard to come by in a world fuelled by the pursuit of perfection. 


You will find authenticity is something I possess in multitudes; I am more than just a fantasy. 

I am real and tangible, something you can touch and hold and store deeply in the most private parts of your memory. 


I am something that is not easily found. 

An exclusive experience, your personal escape from the everyday.


For what is life without connection, passion, intimacy? 

What is life without surrendering to our desires, once in a while?

Speaking of desires...

I like oysters with champagne and dark restaurant corners;

passionate kisses, soft robes and crisp hotel sheets.

Sipping red wine in Southern Italy and vacations in warm, tropical climates.

I am at my most content exploring the streets of faraway places, and wrapped in the arms of a lover. 

I revel in luxurious hedonism; think champagne filled nights that end with steaming cups of coffee in hand, as we watch the sunrise from our hotel window.

Flirtatious banter is my love language.

I believe the recipe for the perfect occasion is good food, fine wine and excellent company.

Which leads us here...

If you are a gentleman who appreciates the finer things, yet values the small things. 

If you delight in humour and wit. 

If you enjoy diverse conversation - about food, travel and everything in between. 

If you have a thirst for adventure.

If you are seeking someone unique, refreshing, and genuine...

You have found it here, with me.

Simply reach out to have it all.


Blake x

Name a time and a place...
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