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 I'm Blake Wilde, an independent escort based in Melbourne, Australia. 

A hopeless romantic, I lead a life ruled by my heart and am a constant seeker of fun, adventure and connection. You may consider me somewhat a free spirit; easy going, spontaneous and vivacious.

Run your hands through my rich, brunette locks, softly touch my honeyed skin, devour my generous, hourglass curves and deep, brown eyes. Feel my full lips against yours and shower me in sweet, passionate kisses. 


I find myself naturally gravitating towards those who favour longterm, ongoing connections in which we can get to know each other on a truly intimate level. 

Are you ready to leave your troubles at the door and indulge in a delicious secret together?


 Get in touch.

"Spending time with Blake is always wonderful, filled with delightful conversation, laughter and soft, intimate moments."

"If you enjoy the finer things in life and are looking to find a sliver of calm within the storm, do yourself a favour and spend some time with Blake."

- T, July 2021

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